October 17th, 2001
DIVORCE: 10 Common Pitfalls & the Rebuilding Process
Sat Tara Kaur Khalsa
, MS, LPC, Divorce Consultant, Mediator
Norm Gibson, LCSW, Psychotherapist in Private Practice, Rebuilding Facilitator

Interface Host: Barry Erdman, LCSW

About the Presenters:

Norm Gibson, LCSW, Psychotherapist in Private Practice, Rebuilding Facilitator.Completed clinical training at University of Chicago, 1978. Practicing psychotherapist in Boulder for over 23 years. Also provides employee counselling to local organizations including the FAA and IBM. Has lead 34 classes going through the Fisher Divorce Seminar in the Boulder area.

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Sat Tara Kaur Khalsa, MS, LPC, Divorce Consultant, Mediator, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (Colorado) who specializes in divorce consulting. She also is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (New Mexico); In addition, she holds a B.A., Comparative Religion, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts; M.S., Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, University of La Verne; Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Certification to teach Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. She is the author of , "Divorce Survival and Recovery (White Lion Press). She has worked in the mental health field for 31 years and has had hundreds of cases involving custody assessment in the context of abuse, including sexual abuse and extensive work with highly complex divorces.

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She can also be reached at: (303) 530-7080. Her e-mail address is: [email protected]

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