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July 17, 2013
Goodness to Go: Service Beyond Our Professional Lives
Fran Hamilton, M.D.,
Holistic Family Practice, Boulder Community Hospital

Interface Host: Barry Erdman

About the Presentation:
Goodness To Go is the name of a social enterprise and the title of a handbook for humanitarians written by Fran I. Hamilton, M.D.  The handbook’s intent is to mobilize the spirit of giving by offering a process to clarify and mobilize your goodness to go in ways that are sustainable and enjoyable. This kind of integral service is a cycle of giving and receiving between equals that is aligned with core values and uplifts the human spirit. Fran will share her process of developing this 4 stage model, and invite dialogue with participants about balancing the challenges of personal and professional livelihood with the importance of reaching further and doing good works for others in our world.
About the Presenter:
Dr. Fran Hamilton is a board-certified Family Physician who has practiced in the Boulder area since 1995.  She currently practices with Dr. Philip Weber, at the Holistic Family Practice at Boulder Community Hospital. She was born into a medical family in Canada and has served internationally since 1979 in the fields of education and medicine. By integrating Western and complementary medicine Dr. Hamilton develops an optimal health care plan for each individual she serves.

Before attending medical school, Dr. Hamilton was an educator and high school principal which has inspired her current project of working with teachers to develop an altruistic service curriculum for K-12 students. 

She has traveled around the world and to India several times to volunteer her medical services and to adopt her daughter Grace Shanti in Calcutta, India. Fran’s family returned to Calcutta in 2010 to visit Grace’s birthplace and to form a local philanthropic partnership with Child In Need Institute.

The missions of the Goodness To Go social enterprise include mobilizing integral service, developing an integrated K-12 service learning curriculum, and preventing young girls from being sold into Calcutta brothels.

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