February 20th, 2002Chuck Gaylord, MAPsychotherapist in Private Practice, Community Hospital Chaplain Volunteer

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About the Presentation

How do we integrate our own personal spiritual experiences back into our lives?

We sometimes recognize that it is not just the invited guest speaker at Interface that makes for a good presentation. We are ourselves an interesting lot of people that congregates every month. We come with a diverse range of spiritual and personally meaningful experiences. What if we could spend an hour or so reflecting on what is important on a personal level with each other? This breakfast meeting is intended to strengthen our sense of community. Maybe we’ll have a chance to get to know each other a little better. Chuck Gaylord will facilitate the discussion that ultimately could evolve into a theme or topic; one we may not have predicted.

With September 11th, anthrax and plane crashes around us, we’ll find out what becomes important to share when February rolls around. This may be yet the most important Interface meeting we could ever schedule. One in which everyone becomes the invited guest speaker. Please join us. We look forward to¬†your¬†presentation!

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