Honoring the Medicine: Native American Healing

May 21st, 2014

Note: The Mapleton Cafeteria is now closed for breakfast. A light breakfast buffet will now be available in the Flatirons conference room before the program begins.

Ken Cohen, M.A., M.S.Th.Traditional Healer, Independent ScholarHost: Barry Erdman

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About The Presentation

Kenneth Cohen will share cross-cultural perspectives on the principles, ethical values, and practice of Native American healing. He will explore Native American medicine not as a thing of the past but as a living and still evolving tradition. He will discuss common misconceptions and stereotypes promoted by media, Hollywood, and the New Age Movement. Information will be presented from traditional and modern perspectives. Interspersed with songs and stories, Ken will speak about: how Native Americans understand health and disease, and the purpose of common healing methods, such as counseling, dreaming, and ritual. He will also explore the connection between western and indigenous science, looking at what can and cannot be measured. Ken believes that we cannot sustain the planet without preserving the wisdom, culture, and lands of America’s original peoples. The presentation will include Powerpoint, songs, stories, discussion, and time for Q&A.

About the Presenter

Ken Cohen, M.A., M.S.Th. (www.kennethcohen.com) is a health educator, author, and interfaith minister (the New Seminary, NYC) with more than 40 years experience. Ken was mentored by noted Native American elders, and his work is strongly endorsed by his adoptive Cree Indian family from Canada. He was one of the first to speak about traditional healing in U.S. medical schools and has been sponsored by the Mayo Clinic, Health Canada, and many conferences. Ken is the winner of the leading international award in energy medicine, the Alyce and Elmer Green Award for Innovation and Lifetime Achievement. He is the author of Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing (Random House) and more than 200 journal articles on spirituality and health. 

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  1. I have a native Amer. friend I would like have her attend, I will pay for her, if she shows up, her name is Edna Brillion.

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