Forgiveness: The Ultimate Revenge

June 19th, 2013

Please Note: Location Changed to “Aspen Conference Room”

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Jack Lavino, M.A., ICADCHeart of the Matter Recovery ServicesHost: Kate Marshall

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About the Presentation

Holding grudges? Getting even? Forgive. Either your family members, friends or associates will go nuts or your relationships will improve. Your brain and body will grow younger. Blending poignant personal experiences with cutting edge brain research, Jack guides you on an enlightening, entertaining, health-enhancing, and age-postponing journey.

 About the Presenter

Jack Lavino has over 25 years as a successful entrepreneur, speaker, author and psychotherapist leading many individuals to personal and professional healing, productivity and accountability. Jack has surpassed many seemingly insurmountable challenges in his own life with passion, determination and authenticity. His experience includes the diversity that comes from being a graduate of Brown University through a football scholarship, a disciplined ex-Marine Officer, a young Public Relations Director of a international insurance company, a director of a nationally awarded employee assistance program, a psychotherapist working with individuals and families, and a wounded healer teaching love and forgiveness.Jack’s humor and insights allow individuals to work through their surface challenges to the “heart of the matter”; all relationships begin with two individuals and three basic needs, to be loved, to love and to belong.

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