CONTINUING BONDS: A New Understanding of Grief

March 20th, 2002Linda Backman, Ed.D.Licensed Psychologist, Private Practice, Longmont, BoulderHost: Jody Pierce, LCSW

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About the Presentation

Disengaging from the deceased has long been the bereavement modus operandi in contemporary western culture. The field of Thanatology has begun to adopt new terminology to describe and examine grieving, such as continued bonds and meaning reconstruction Grieving individuals frequently struggle with the need to locate and speak with the deceased. Approximately 50% of bereaved individuals report having sensed the presence of a loved one either spontaneously or through a highly intuitive person. It is to this end I have developed a style of guided imagery for grieving. Utilizing guided imagery to assist an individual in grief to create their own connection with a loved one can enhance and facilitate the reestablishment of life with meaning and purpose.

About the Presenter

Linda R. Backman has been in private practice for over 23 years. Linda has received training in both traditional and complementary/alternative treatment including hypnotherapy, shamanic healing, and past life regression. Linda has made presentations at regional and national professional conferences and has hosted a radio program on broad-based healing. Primary areas of focus for Linda’s practice are grief/loss, chronic illness/chronic pain, relationships, and spiritual concerns.

Additional Resources

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Suggested Reading:
Neimeyer, Meaning Reconstruction and the Experience of Loss, 2001
Dossey, Reinventing Medicine, 1999
Klass, Silverman, and Nickman, Continuing Bonds, 1996
LaGrand, After Death Communication, 1998

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