Interface Program: 1994-95

September 21, 1994
Hot Buttons for the Helper: How do our own personal issues affect our ability to deal with parishioners and clients?
Dialogue and Discussion Facilitated by Susan Hubbard, LCSW, private practice, Boulder

October 19, 1994
Violence in Young People: Whatever Happened to Personal Responsibility?
Honorable Roxanne Bailin, District Judge, 20th Judicial District

November 16, 1994
The Touchy Issues of Boundaries
Father Jim McKeown, retired rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Boulder
Majorie Whittaker Leidig, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, private practice, former chair of State Board of Psychologist’s Examiners, expert witness for the courts.

December 21, 1994
Family Life in the 90’s: New Era – New Issues
Dialogue and Discussion Facilitated by Ken Thurow, M.Div., Senior Pastor, Atonement Lutheran Church

January 18, 1995
Centered People: How Do They Do It?
Dialogue and Discussion Facilitated by Stephanie Bryan, LCSW, CACIII, Senior Therapist, Mediplex Rehab-Denver, Bridge Unit

February 15, 1995
Marketing Values: Media and Social Responsibility
Rev. Joe Ciccone, CSP Paulist Fathers, Chaplain, St. Thomas Aquinas University Parish, CU-Boulder
March 15, 1995
Gender Differences: Cope, Cry or Celebrate?
Dialogue and Discussion Facilitated by Marilla Senterfit, MA, LPC, CACIII, Private Practice

April 19, 1995
Racial Ethnic Harmony: Dream or Delusion?
Presenter: Edwina Ward Burton, Pastor, Niwot United Methodist Church

May 17, 1995
Story Telling in Therapy & Preaching: Metaphors, Parables, & Teaching Tales
Stan Adamson, D.Min., Pastor, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
Barry Erdman, LCSW, Private Practice