Interface Program: 1993-94

September 15, 1993
Explaining Away Bad Events: Issues of Control & Acceptance in an Often Chaotic World

Marilla Senterfit, MA, CACIII, therapist in private practice, Boulder
Ken Thurow, BS, MDiv., Senior Pastor, Atonement Lutheran Church

Bad karma, inner conflict, and act of God, or just the breaks? How do we explain – or explain away – illness, accident and tragedy? Some respond with pious (or not so pious) fatalism, others find hidden causalities in the realm of the psyche. How does our view of such events influence our ministry or therapy?

October 20, 1993
Humor, Happiness & Health

Sharon Conlin, RN, MA, Therapist in private practice in Boulder, adjunct faculty in Contemplative Psychology in Naropa Institute

It is essential for our mental and physical health that we develop a sense of humor. Explore humor as a tool for coping with the seriousness of life. Discover how it promotes happiness and health. Be prepared to experience the true healing qualities of a good belly laugh.

November 17,1993
Mental Health in the 1990’s

Phoebe Norton, MSW, Executive Director, Mental Health Center of Boulder County, Inc.
Karan Schafer, RN, COHN, Occupational Health Services, Nurse Program Administrator at IBM

How do two administrators view the management of mental health services over the next few years? Specific issues to be explored include: treating major mental illness, providing long term care under managed care systems, providing community based services for children and adolescents, and coordinating corporate employees’ mental health benefits during times of economic stress.

December 15, 1993
Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the Education and Raising of Children

Richard J. Kraft, EdD, Professor of Education at CU, Boulder

The nurturing of children, both within the home and the school, has consistent features among cultures. Universals and differences will be explored by an experienced professional observer.

January 9, 1994
Issues on Campus: As Seen Through the Partnership of Ministry & Counseling Services

Jane Stoyva, LCSW, BCD, Manager of clinical social work at Wardenburg Student Health Center
Robert Stuenkel, MDiv, STM Lutheran Campus Pastor at the University Lutheran Chapel, Boulder

Specific issues among college students are constantly being identified. The needs of our CU campus community will be described and the distinctive approaches of a counselor and a minister at CU will be addressed.

February 16, 1994
Speaking Up about Acting Out

Paulette Feuer, PhD, LMFT, private practice in Boulder
Mary Hey, Attorney, convener of ministry and Council, Boulder Meeting of Friends (Quakers)

Are we doing anyone a favor by putting up with behavior that’s irresponsible, detrimental or obnoxious? How do we resolve the dilemma of unconditional acceptance and support versus firm limit setting?

March 16, 1994
Polarities/Commonalities in Women’s and Men’s Movements

Thomas Fiester, PhD, Counseling Psychology, Specializes in psychotherapy with men and initiated Boulder’s Men’s Center
Liz Padilla-Pollauf, Graduate student at CU in telecommunications, initiator of Women’s Resource Center at CU

Gender movements are increasingly popular in our community. Two perspectives will be provided: the strengthening of persons through same-sex movements, and the new support “across the lines” of the Women’s and Men’s movements

April 20, 1994
Integrating Spiritual and Emotional healing: Pastor and Therapist Co-Facilitation of Support Groups for Women

Linda Daniels Block, Pastor, Shepard of the Hills Lutheran Church, Boulder
Linda Woods, MA, Therapist in private practice, has co-facilitated support/therapy groups for sexual assault survivors for 10 years.

How therapeutic and pastoral co-facilitation of support groups benefits healing of the spiritual and emotional aspects of the individual.

May 18, 1994
Settling for Second Best: Reflections of the Interface of Mind-Body-Medicine & Spiritual Psychotherapy

Richard A. Ruster, PhD, Staff psychotherapist and biofeedback practitioner for Colorado Health Professionals, P.C. and part time faculty at Metropolitan State College in holistic health.

Chronic degenerative diseases like heart disease, cancer, arthritis, gastro-intestinal problems, chronic fatigue and depression can be your body’s way of calling for a spiritual awakening.