Interface Program: 1992-93
Healing Our Society: What Works and How To Do More Of It

SEPTEMBER 16, 1992
Do We Recognize Mental Health When We See It?

Susan Hubbard, MSW, LCSW, therapist in private practice in Boulder.

When today’s trends in popular psychology imply that most people are co-dependent, and most families dysfunctional, has common sense flown out the window? Isn’t adequate emotional functioning good enough any more?

OCTOBER 21, 1992
Moving On: Spiritual Evolution

Daryl L. Meyers, M.Div., D.Div., chaplain and communications director at Platt Valley Medical Center, Brighton.
Ulli Limpitlaw, teacher, certified massage therapist, director and owner of Natural Therapeutics in Greeley.

Change is constant, even in ones spiritual journey. We must be willing to let go of the old and familiar and accept the new, regardless of our fears or the concerns of others. Spiritual health and growth versus spiritual stagnation and death are the issues at stake.

November 18, 1992
Humor, Happiness and Health

Sharon Conlin, RN, MA, therapist in private practice in Boulder, adjunct faculty in Contemplative Psychotherapy at Naropa Institute.

It is essential for our mental and physical health that we develop a sense of humor. Explore humor as a tool for coping with the seriousness of life. Discover how it promotes happiness and health. Be prepared to experience the true healing qualities of a good belly laugh.

DECEMBER 19, 1992
Joint Custody: How Well Does It Work?

Marilyn Coonelly, PhD, therapist in private practice in Boulder.

Joint custody of children is a common arrangement these days following a divorce. Explore the pluses and minuses of joint custody, and how this type of shared parental responsibility and authority affects the children.

JANUARY 20, 1993
Uni-Hill Elementary School: A Diverse Community of Families and Staff Working Collaboratively

Mary Jo Manydeeds, social worker, parent, Uni-Hill, Family Resource Steering Committee
Kay HibI, second & third grade teacher, bilingual program. Uni-Hill Leadership Council and Family Resource Steering Committee

Panel members will reflect on programs and their experiences at the school. Areas to be discussed include diversity, valuing all groups of people, Family Resource School Project, bilingual program, collaborative decision making and experience-based education.

FEBRUARY 17, 1993
Women and HIV: Making Contact and Breaking the Denial

Robin Bohannan, clinical director, Boulder County AIDS Project (BCAP)
Guest PLWA (Person Living With AIDS)

Women who have HIV face uniquely difficult and often unaddressed issues. Hear one woman’s journey of denial and hope, and open your heart and mind to your role and responsibility in diagnosis and treatment.

February 15, 1995
Marketing Values: Media and Social Responsibility

Rev. Joe Ciccone, CSP Paulist Fathers, Chaplain, St. Thomas Aquinas University Parish, CU-Boulder

MARCH 17, 1993
Holistic Adjunct Therapies for Trauma Survivors

Laurie Rugenstein, MMT, RMT, director, Boulder Center for Music Therapy.
Scott Spann, certified Rolfer, somatic trauma specialist. Rehabilitation Therapist, Center Green Wellness Community, Boulder.

Music and sound are effective modalities for working with victims of incest, abuse and other trauma. Music therapy and physical therapies can engage the individual in non verbal processes, accessing areas of the psyche and body that may be unresponsive to verbal therapies.

APRIL 21, 1993
Racism Versus Multi-Culturalism

Ricardo Esparza, PhD, therapist in private practice in Boulder, member of the Board of Mental Health Association of Colorado.
Yolanda Gotier, MSW, therapist in private practice in Boulder, member of the Board of Mental Health Assocation in Colorado.

Racism and prejudice interfere mightily with our ability to benefit from the richness of cultural diversity. Our presenters will discuss ways of working constructively to heal or at least ameliorate the misunderstanding and anger caused by bigotry, and how to maximize cross-cultural appreciation.

MAY 19, 1993
Dying Into Life: The Power of Death Awareness

David Chernikoff, MDiv, MSW, therapist in private practice at Circle Health Center in Boulder.

In order to live life fully, we must open our hearts to the reality of death and dying. Personal growth, healing others, transforming society… all of these are touched by the power of death awareness.